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We have several hourly packages to serve our clients. Based on the scope of your project we will recommend one of our options that will best suit your needs.  


Hourly Design Packages
*Only available following an Initial Consultation

6 hours: $1200

Perfect for powder rooms design, small styling projects, designer by your side, etc.

10 hours: $2000

Great for bringing the finishing touches to an already furnished room through styling, art, drapes, etc.

20 hrs: $4000

This is our starting point for full-service room design, renovation projects, etc. 


Notes on Design Hours: The amount of design hours needed is highly project and client specific. During your discovery call, Kristen can better advise on the estimated hours that will be needed for your project. This estimate will be based on past experience and may still vary from client to client. 


Additional hours may be added individually following any hourly design package and will be billed at our hourly rate of $200/hr. 


For larger projects, flat-fee pricing is available following a Discovery Call and Initial Consultation.

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